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Becoming a Security Driver in the UK

UK security companies are required by law to carry out criminal checks on drivers as a condition of letting them drive on the roads. This is to protect the general public and prevent them from being harmed by disturbed or dangerous drivers. The security industry is worth billions of pounds and the majority of its business is driven by people who want to drive on the roads in the safest possible way. A security driver will work closely with a security guard to help ensure that this is exactly what happens – Check out

What Does A Security Guard do?

Drivers must pass several tests to be appointed as a security driver and security guards must also undergo a series of examinations before they are allowed to drive on the roads. These tests include knowledge of emergency procedures, driving theory, driving safely and many other compulsory courses. The exams are designed to assess a security guard’s knowledge, skills and experience before allowing him or her to apply for a security driver’s license in the UK. There are various types of security guard training available, but all of them employ some form of enforcement system to help ensure that the drivers and guards are well trained and able to safely control large crowds. In order to qualify as a security driver in the UK you must hold a provisional EHIC (esthetic Health Examination) which assesses your suitability as a security guard.

Passing the examination successfully means that you have met certain criteria which may be slightly different depending on the security firm you are working for. Some firms may hire one member of their security staff as a security driver whilst others may not require any security guards to apply for a driver’s license. Security guards are usually required to undertake a further course of training after passing their driving test in order to prove themselves more competent and trustworthy drivers with increased driving skills. This additional course of training is often provided by security firms or by security companies that supply driving instructors to provide training to security guards.