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The stereotypical how to get an hourglass figure has a full bust, narrow waist, and curvy hips and legs. But not every woman is a walking caricature, and even if your bust and hips are larger than the average, you can still have the proportions of an hourglass shape. The key is to find balance in your silhouette, which you can achieve through balancing your curves with the right clothing and exercise.

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When looking for clothes to flatter your figure, choose form-fitting dresses and jumpsuits with small pleats around the waist to add a nipped-in look. Belted tops can also accentuate your waist without adding bulk to the chest (unless you have a smaller bust). Avoid jackets that add extra bulk, especially double-breasted styles, which hide the waistline and make you appear heavier.

Aim for 3 sets of 10-20 reps, taking a 30-second break in between each set. If you’re able to do more reps, increase the weight.

The key to getting the hourglass shape is to strengthen and sculpt your muscles, which takes time. Don’t try to create the hourglass silhouette in one month by drastically reducing your calorie intake. Instead, stick to a healthy eating plan that provides adequate calories for fuel and includes protein-rich foods to promote muscle growth. It’s also important to take photos periodically from multiple angles and in consistent lighting so you can visually track your progress. This is a great motivator to keep you going. You may not see a dramatic change in your body composition from day to day, but over time you will likely notice that your clothes fit differently.

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