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What is a cold press juicer  allows people to easily get the necessary amount of fruits and vegetables each day that are difficult for many to consume in their natural form. Eating enough of these foods provides the body with essential vitamins and minerals to function properly. However, it is very difficult to eat that amount of produce in one sitting. When you juice at home, you can make a healthy smoothie of multiple fruits and veggies in one glass and be able to drink it throughout the day.

When shopping for a cold press juicer, look for a model that is a masticating juicer, which uses a slow mechanism to crush and smush produce to extract juice. This method is a bit slower than centrifugal juicers, but it is also very effective at delivering high-quality juice that is fresh and flavorful. This type of juicer can handle leafy greens, celery, kale and even wheatgrass with ease.

In addition to juicing, cold press juicers can be used to create sauces, purees and even nut butters. The sized strainers of a cold press juicer allow you to control the amount of pulp in your juices and other creations — use finer strainers for silky smooth juice or wider ones for a thicker nut butter.

Unlocking the Secrets of Cold Press Juicers: A Beginner’s Guide

The size of the feed tube is another important feature to consider. The larger the feed tube, the less prep work you will need to do before juicing. For example, the newer Omega JC2022GY11 has a large top section that you fill up and it will automatically self-feed, so there is no need to chop any vegetables or fruits before using this model. Look for other features like a handy cleaning brush, dishwasher-safe parts and a warranty to help you find the best cold press juicer for your kitchen.

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