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With a landscape as diverse as the state itself, there is something to interest every kind of buyer. Whether you’re looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle, a place to pursue your passion or an investment opportunity, you’ll find a variety of land options in this thriving western state.

Why is land so cheap in Arizona?

The Grand Canyon State’s pristine wilderness and rich natural resources make it one of the best places to find land for sale in the US. The thriving agritourism industry is another draw, with ranches and farms offering visitors farm-to-table dining experiences.

Amid a landscape of majestic mountains, expansive desert valleys and rolling hills is spacious farm and ranch land that supports a wide range of agricultural crops. You can buy land for sale arizona that produces lettuce, cotton and citrus while also supporting cattle and dairy farming.

Other types of land available for sale in Arizona include hunting, fishing and recreational properties. Hunting enthusiasts will enjoy the abundance of wildlife that includes mule deer, turkey, elk and quail. Fishing is a popular pastime in Arizona, with opportunities for bass, trout and catfish.

Investing in land for sale arizona that offers water is an attractive option because it can be used for irrigation, stock watering and power. It can also provide a source of income by selling water rights to growing suburbs. For example, in Cibola along the Arizona-California border farmers like Mullion irrigate their fields with water from the Colorado River. If federal approval for a deal Greenstone is seeking goes through, these and other farmlands may be stripped of their water to quench the thirst of growing suburbs in the state’s central region.

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