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design and create your own custom wine bottle label

Wine is the perfect accompaniment to any occasion, Design and create your own custom wine bottle label it’s easy to make your bottle stand out with custom labels. Whether you’re a small winery or a big-name brand, it’s important to consider your target audience and how to best reach them when designing your label.

Unlike many other products, wine bottle labels have very little space, so every element must be chosen carefully. Start by understanding your story and the personality of your wine. A century-old vineyard in France might want to communicate a sense of history and tradition, while an upstart winemaker in Oregon might need to grab attention with a bolder look and feel.

From Concept to Cork: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting Your Own Wine Label

Once you’ve determined the theme of your label, choose eye-catching imagery that conveys the wine’s personality. A traditional choice might be a pencil drawing of the vineyard, while contemporary labels often eschew graphics altogether, using large typography instead to grab the consumer’s attention. Others still push the envelope with more figurative designs, such as cartoons or amusing images.

Then, finish the label with the required information. This includes the alcohol percentage, net contents, ingredient disclosures, and warnings, as well as barcodes for tracking inventory. You should also add a unique product name and description, as well as a clear, legible font to ensure your label is easily understood at arm’s length.

Once you’ve finished designing your wine bottle label, print it out and apply it to the bottle. Carefully peel the backing to expose the sticky side, then smooth the label over the bottle, making sure it’s centered and not crooked. Once the label is secure, seal to prevent water damage.

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