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inogen batteries g4

When you purchase a G4 portable oxygen concentrator you have the option to include a single or double battery. Both batteries can be charged while inside the G4, at home on the AC power supply, with the external battery charger or by using your vehicle’s DC power source (make sure you don’t plug into the car’s battery).

Battery life on a portable oxygen concentrator varies depending on what setting the user is on and what breath rate they use. Typically, a single battery will last about 2.7 hours at the lowest setting. Find out inogen batteries g4 –

The extra battery will give users the freedom to run errands, travel or just enjoy time with family and friends. The double battery will allow for a maximum of 5 hours on the lowest setting and only adds half a pound to the weight of the unit.

Inogen G4 Batteries: Empowering Your Freedom with Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Changing the batteries on the G4 is quick and easy with push to release tabs, and there is no need for tools. The G4 has a track built into the battery slot to ensure the new batteries align correctly when replaced. Adding a carrying bag will provide another layer of protection for your concentrator.

The Inogen G4 can be used on most commercial airlines with a FAA approved battery, making it easy to bring your oxygen on trips and adventures abroad. With the G4’s small size and light weight it is also a good choice for those who want to sleep at night with oxygen. However, if you require a CPAP or BiPAP machine to sleep the G4 is not an ideal option for nighttime use.

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