Sour Patch Edibles

CBDDY – sour patch edibles are a popular option for those who want to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the smoke. You can buy sour patch edibles in the form of gummies, oils, or capsules. These products are often marketed as being child-friendly, but many of them contain traces of THC that can harm young children.

How to make sour patch edibles

If you’re looking for an alternative way to get your dose of THC, you can always try making your own sour patch edibles using a home infusion machine like LEVO. By doing this, you’ll have more control over the quality of your product and will be able to ensure that you’re not consuming anything that contains chemicals or preservatives.

How to infuse sour patch edibles

You’ll need a pot and a few ingredients to start this process. You’ll want to heat up some corn syrup and water, then add the Sour Patch Kids to the mixture. Then, you’ll need to add citric acid and food coloring before pouring it into the candy mold.

You can infuse sour patch edibles with any kind of fatty substance, such as coconut oil. The key is to choose a high-quality fat that will absorb the THC and keep it from drying out, which can happen if you’re not using an infusion machine. If you’re a beginner, we recommend starting with a LEVO infusion machine. The device is easy to use and allows you to create custom infusions while allowing you to focus on other tasks.