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delta max ecoflow

The delta max ecoflow power station is a versatile piece of kit. It’s useful for camping and road trips, but it also works well as a backup power supply for homes during blackouts or extended outages.

It provides pure sine wave AC power, so it’s safe to use on sensitive electronics like a CPAP machine. In addition, it features pass-through power so you can use it as a regular wall outlet for charging devices.

This 2,000Wh power station has an array of AC power outlets and two 100-watt USB-C PD (Power Delivery) ports on the front, so you can charge multiple gadgets at once. It also comes with a car charger cable and a solar charging cable.

To charge the Delta Max, you can plug it into an AC wall outlet or connect it to optional solar panels, like EF ECOFLOW’s own. The company says its solar panels can transfer energy efficiently in different weather conditions, using a smart algorithm that maximizes the power output of each panel.

How the Ecoflow Delta Max Can Revolutionize Your Off-Grid Living Experience

You can also daisy chain additional Delta Max power stations together for increased storage capacity. The units have covered black power ports on the back, so you can connect extra batteries to add more storage space.

The Delta Max is powered by EcoFlow’s X-Boost technology, which can boost its outputs to 3400W. That’s enough to run heavy-duty appliances like your fridge and dryer during a power outage or blackout.

You can also control your Delta Max from afar with the EcoFlow app, which lets you monitor energy usage and manage your charge time. It’s all possible thanks to X-Stream, which reimagines battery-powered generator charging and speeds up the process tenfold.

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