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what to see in san diego

If you’re not quite sure what to see in San Diego, read on. We’ve listed a few great places to see. Among them is the San Diego Museum of Art, home to works by the Spanish Renaissance and Baroque artists. You can also visit the San Diego Air and Space Museum for a bird’s eye view of our planet. And don’t miss the San Diego Zoo, with its giant penguins, lions, and crocodiles.

You Can Admire Some Of The World’s Oldest Ships

The San Diego Zoo is one of the world’s best zoos. Its three-dimensional environment allows visitors to get up close to exotic animals and learn about their habitat. More than 650 species and 700 million plant species are represented here. Many of the animals and plants in the San Diego Zoo are endangered or rare. The zoo is active in conservation research and has pioneered the cageless exhibits that are now the standard in zoological parks.

If history buffs are your thing, the Maritime Museum of San Diego is a must-see. Here you can admire some of the world’s oldest ships, including the Star of India, which docks in the Embarcadero. While you’re at it, make sure to visit the nearby USS Midway Museum, which features 60 interactive exhibits. The museum is home to more than 700 events per year, and it was named the best naval warship museum in 2015!

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