Adult Dolls Are Not Just For Masturbation

Dolls can be used for many different purposes, but the most popular is masturbation. But they are also a lot more than that: many people who play with dolls report that their partners have become real friends and have helped them cope with depression, anxiety or loneliness. They help them sleep better, give them a sense of well-being and satisfaction with life and are almost everything that men and women desire in intimate relationships.

male sex doll come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, from creepy to sexy, and can be made from various materials. Some are even inflatable, but most sex dolls are either silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These materials have advantages and disadvantages. Silicone offers more heat retention and a realistic feel, while TPE is cheaper and easier to clean.

Sex Dolls In The Role Of Online Influencers: How To Make Your Sex Doll Famous Too?

The most popular sex dolls are human-sized, and many are made from soft cuddly teddy bear-like silicone rubber. Others are made from a more hardy thermoplastic material that allows for the creation of articulating joints, but does not have quite the same feel as silicone. A small number are designed with metal skeletons. The company RealDoll in California produces male dolls with skeletons that can be removed or replaced and makes a variety of heads for its male dolls. Its latest creation is Asher, a man with an erect penis extending proudly from his camouflage pants.

The relationship between collectors and their dolls resembles the attachment that develops between family members in times of distress. It is this bonding, combined with the projection of fantasies onto the situated interaction, that is a key element in the therapeutic value of adult doll play.