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Having the right legal advice is vital to any business. Whether that’s to protect your trademarks, set up trading terms and agreements or ensure regulations are being complied with, the right legal professionals can help you. Specialist solicitors in commercial law work with companies to review the specific areas of their trade, including contracts, intellectual property, taxes and corporate finance.

What is the commercial law in South Africa?

They work with both public and private businesses on commercial transactions, and often advise on matters that involve the issue or sale of shares. They can also deal with issues relating to mergers, acquisitions and takeovers. This can be particularly complex and time consuming work, as the commercial solicitor must ensure they understand all aspects of the transaction in order to provide a fully informed legal opinion.

The team at Jocelyn & Co have been helping businesses across all industries with their commercial and company law matters for over 30 years. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

There are 146,000 solicitors in England and Wales (including trainees), with around two-thirds employed in private practice – either in a solicitor firm or working in-house for a government agency or company. A small minority, about 6%, work in the civil service. Some specialise in particular types of law, such as criminal or family law. Others specialise in certain fields, such as commercial law, corporate and public affairs or forensic science. Choosing which route to take depends on your career aspirations and what interests you.

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