The ABRSM Singapore Ultimate Guide

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) offers graded exams and diploma qualifications to support music students throughout their musical journey. These qualifications are highly respected and held in high esteem around the world. As such, they are often required when applying for music scholarships.

What is the fail rate for ABRSM?

ABRSM’s exam offerings are vast, with multiple options for every discipline. From piano to viola, violin or singing, there are a variety of graded examinations from beginner to advanced levels. In addition, abrsm singapore ultimate guide also offers online performance grades, which are an alternative to the traditional in person exam.

These online performance grade exams consist of one component – to play four exam pieces on video, which is then assessed remotely by an examiner. As such, they are a great option for busy parents who have children with hectic schedules and limited availability to attend in person music exams.

Unlike other math programs, Singapore Math teaches children how to use the abstract formula length x width = area by first teaching them the concrete, physical dimensions of rectangles using tiles or paper squares. They then progress to the pictorial, where they learn how to solve problems on a grid without any manipulatives, and finally to the abstract, where they can use the formula and solve problems in their head, just like adults.

It’s important for children to enjoy their ABRSM exam experience and focus on the fun of it, rather than worrying about whether or not they got a good score. However, it’s also vital to take the examiner feedback seriously and use it to guide future practice and learning.