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magic mushroom grow kit

In order to grow magic mushroom grow kit, you need to buy a kit. These kits come with everything you need to get started. They include substrate, water, and instructions. You need to follow the instructions in the manual. It may take some time before you have a successful harvest.

To grow mushrooms, you need to start with a clean setup. Make sure to use a good spore syringe. If you don’t, your setup might be infected with micro bacteria and mold.

You should also wear gloves. This will help prevent other fungi from growing. Also, you should wash your hands before removing the mushrooms.

When you are done, you can store the magic mushrooms in an airtight container. You can also store them in your fridge if you have one. However, storing them in the fridge might create humidity concerns.

Here are our simple and easy instructions for growing your mushrooms using the Zamnesia Grow Kit

The first time you grow magic mushrooms, you need to prepare all the mushrooms before the spores fall out. You can do this by pulling the mushroom gently. Most of the time, they will pop out without you having to pull them.

After the first flush, you need to wait a week before you harvest. At this point, you should expect to see tiny mushroom caps called pinheads. Your first flush should be your largest flush. Once all the mushrooms are harvested, the next flush will be smaller.

Before you begin growing magic mushrooms, make sure you read the instruction booklet carefully. A few grow kits even offer live support from an expert grower.

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