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proxy detection check

The iDenfy proxy detection check is used to detect the usage of anonymous proxies by hackers and fraudsters. These proxies can be used to conceal a user’s location. Using a proxy is a common method used by fraudsters to avoid criminal charges and to appear as a different user.

A proxy is a server that acts as a gateway between a consumer’s computer and the internet. By changing the IP address of the consumer, the proxy server masks the consumer’s real location. For example, a consumer in the west coast can use a proxy server in the east coast to hide their true location.

Several companies offer proxy detection services. For example, iDenfy offers a service that checks all types of proxies. They can also tell you which proxies are fraudulent and which are legitimate users.

How Do Fraudsters Use Proxy

Proxies are used to circumvent network filtering systems and can be a valuable tool in surfing the web. Unfortunately, they can be used by fraudsters to evade detection and prevent account takeovers. Therefore, it is important to monitor the use of proxies by organizations.

iDenfy’s iDenfy-Bytes API offers an effective method for detecting proxies. It uses an algorithm to detect fraudulent activities, block users who can’t reach content, and verify the data provided by a vendor.

iDenfy’s proxy detection check can help organizations detect if their employees are using an anonymous IP. While this type of proxy is not direct evidence of fraud, it can be a sign that a computer may be compromised.

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